vollständiger Kurzfilm | Dauer 15 Min

SELENA, a young tourist, gets on a cab back to her hotel; but she will never make it. The ride ends in a dark wood where the driver will try to abuse her. Panic takes over the young girl. Ana Rieder, a crime journalist, will defend her from justice, publishing what happened that night, which only Selena knows. A malicious police reports puts the young girl close to prison. Ana faces the article of her life, and Selena´s life depends on her.



Alejandra Jenni (SELENA)

Ana María Montero (ANA)

Alex Freeman (TAXI DRIVER)

Werner Biermeier (BOSS)

Regisseur, Produktion und Drehbuch: Guillermo Barrionuevo

Asist. Director: Antonio Manco

Kamera: Juan Manuel Daher

Sound: Daniele Oliveri

Scrip Doctor: Gustavo Gersberg

Montaje: Tomás Wilhelm, Guillermo Barrionuevo

Colorimetría: Lucila Kesselman (AAC)

Postproducción de sonido: Damián Montes Calabró (ASA)


Dreh Ort: Zürich Stadt

Dreh Tage: 9 Tage

Filmdauer: 15 Min.

Genre: Drama- Thriller